Q : What is the working theory of OLEDs?

A : When driven by external power supply, the electrons will play energy level transition, and light will emit when the electrons and holes recombines in the emitting layer.

Q : How much power does it take to create a 60cd/m2 display?

A : It depends on

  • Efficiency of organic material : G > B & Y > O > R
  • Duty
  • Efficiency of device
  • Voltage of VEE

Q : What cause the power consumption in an OLED module? ?

A : It depends on

  • Duty : the higher the duty, the higher the power consumed
  • number of pixels on : the more the pixels on, the higher the power consumed
  • Pixel Size : the bigger the pixel, the higher the power consumed
  • Voltage of VEE

Q : What is current lifetime of OLEDs ?

A : Current lifetime of OLED is different in color : Green is 10,000 hrs, blue and yellow are both 8,000 hrs.

  • Definition of lifetime is the amount of time needed for the brightness to decay to 50%. It is calculated based on all pixels on 24 hours per day.
  • Therefore, the actual lifetime of OLED is based on the real using condition of a finished product

Q: What is the persistence of a pixel ? Does the luminance of the pixel fade with time?

A : Yes, the brightness of a pixel will decay with operating hours.In our specification, the brightness decays to 50% after 10,000 hours ( for green color ). The condition is that, after a display has been turned on 24 hours per day, its brightness is compared to its initial brightness

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